Cultural Map

The Cultural Map is one of the final results of the CARISMAND Project. It will have the structural framework of a knowledge base, but with an intuitive and dynamic frontend that follows the equally dynamic ‘nature’ of culture and its connections with other factors such as socio-economic and environmental factors.

It is to include:

  • visual motivators/reminders and memory aides for raising general cultural awareness in disaster management;
  • specific recommendations to disaster managers how to include cultural factors successfully in their everyday practice;
  • links to best-practice examples within and across different categories of actors and types of disasters;
  • a number of tools that can range from basic cultural checklists and behavioural guidelines to the use and/or implementation of technological tools or systems (e.g. apps, online platforms);
  • a FAQ section which will explain how, once downloaded, this cultural map can be expanded and adapted to suit the individual needs and demands of different disaster management units in their daily work.

For more information, please follow the activities of WP9.

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