CARISMAND’s Last Round of Citizen Summits is Close

The last round of CARISMAND Citizen Summits is just a few days ahead.

On 14 April 2018 residents from Lisbon will gather at CARISMAND Fifth Citizen Summit to discuss how citizens can improve their own and their family’s and friends’ disaster preparedness by developing a personal “culture of preparedness”, and how citizens, in general, can get engaged and take part in disaster preparedness and response activities. These topics will be then brought to Utrecht for a Sixth Citizen Summit on 12 May 2018 where the event will be held in the same format.

The Citizen Summits are structured in such a way that encourages participants to take an active part by having both interactive presentations and small group discussions (with up to 12 people in a group). At this stage of the project, participants’ feedback is essential for further validation and development of toolkit recommendations towards finalizing the CARISMAND products - Toolkit and Cultural Map.

Follow the CARISMAND News and Views Section for updates on this year’s Citizen Summits.

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