OneRelief - Mobile Technology for Humanitarian Aid

OneRelief is solving the problem that when disasters strike (such as Hurricane Maria in September last year) there is no easy and reliable way for individuals to give small amounts. Research shows that more than 90% of people who feel empathy and want to give after a disaster has struck, end up not giving.

OneRelief is a mobile platform that allows users on social media to make micro-donations ($1-$5) to certified relief organizations on the ground with as few as 4 clicks. In recognition of their donation, donors receive a personalized visual post that they can share on social media, providing social recognition. OneRelief operates fully non-profit.

Different to existing donation platforms, OneRelief leverages the power of micro-donations, provides users with tangible social recognition, engages the donor through updates from the field, as well as ensures that donations support certified organizations with people on the ground that are able to respond to the emergency.

The full interview with the OneRelief’s CEO and Founder can be found at:

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