Who does CARISMAND concern?

CARISMAND project brings on board a broad range of stakeholders:

  • policy makers that must regulate disaster management policies and guidelines in their national scenario - members of the European Commission, Interparty Committees and sub-Committees at the European Parliament, Interparty Committees and sub-Committees at the national parliaments; individual MEP and MP; representatives of the national governmental bodies and local authorities;
  • disaster managers, dealing with CARISMAND topics on a daily basis;
  • practitioners: emergency services, military, police, non-emergency healthcare services; etc. who work on different levels of disaster management preparedness, response to disasters and after-crisis recovery.
  • private sector services related to different disasters’ type and disaster management phases;
  • research and academia representatives, working in fields of development of systems, processes and policies in disaster management, cultural factors, risk perception and risk cultures, citizens’ rights, citizens’ empowerment, risk communication;
  • traditional and new social media following the latest news/case studies in the field;
  • civil society organizations working closing with local communities and dealing with basic issues on the ground in close cooperation with the citizens;
  • citizens, including specific groups of the population, e.g. ethnic minorities, specific neighbourhoods, or elderly people who live on their own town.

All CARISMAND activities are designed in such a way to be able to reach these stakeholders and to find the most appropriate tools to make the project findings and outcomes usable and accessible to them. Dissemination of the project outcomes includes a combination of face-to- face interactions and publication and distribution of key policy messages and recommendations (through reports, policy briefs and the project website) to the relevant target groups via recognized multipliers like civil society organizations and the media.

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