Municipality of Florence (CdF), Italy

The Civil Protection of Municipality of Florence provide to:

  • The adoption and continuous upgrade of Civil Protection Plans:
    • General Plan which defines:
      • the municipal organization, the procedures and the actions necessary to deal with emergencies;
      • all activities connected with population information and knowledge of Civil Protection;
      • forecast and prevention for not structural activities;
    • Hydraulic Risk Plan (overflowing of rivers or streams):
      • It defines the operating phases and the relative typical activities based on intervention model of Civil Protection Plan of the Tuscany Region;
    • Seismic Risk Plan:
      • It defines the “damage scenario” allowing to get a local description of involved area and providing important information;
    • Snow, Ice and Low Temperatures Risk Plan:
      • It defines all strategies and procedures for actions to face the phenomenon forecasted or in action, represented by snowfall, vast ice formations and low temperatures.
    • Citizen Information:
      • Production and distribution of brochures;
      • Training on best practices on primary (6-10 years) and secondary (11-14 years) schools;
      • Meetings with citizens;
      • Practicing and training with the involvement of the population (e.g. neighbourhoods of rivers subject to flooding risk);
  • Communication Channels
  • In emergency situations the Municipality, through the civil protection service, is the first institution to intervene in aid to the population: it removes the main or residual dangers and provides the first assistance to citizens affected by disasters.

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