External Advisory Group

The External Advisory Group (EAG) consists of invited nominated experts in the fields of disaster management, law enforcement, privacy, data protection, information technology, telecommunications and civil society. It is intended to represent the varying interests of the stakeholders affected by the subject matter examined as part of the CARISMAND project.

The EAG is responsible for:

  • overseeing certain aspects of the CARISMAND project;
  • facilitating the involvement of affected stakeholders in the CARISMAND project;
  • providing scientific advice in the area of their expertise;
  • reviewing and providing feedback on project deliverables;
  • adding expertise to the group of project partners;
  • evaluating dissemination outputs and events; and
  • assisting the project partners in achieving impact.

Ethical Issues Advisor

At least one member of the EAG is an expert in ethics (Ethical Issues Advisor) and will be entrusted with the ethical review of the different tasks in project. In tasks where ethical concerns arise, the lead partner on the task will prepare a report on the ethical concerns that may arise and proposals on how to proceed in the task. The EAG member(s) responsible for ethical review will review the report prepared by the lead partner and, where necessary, make recommendations for improvement. A written record of the review process will be kept and attached to the periodic reports prepared and presented to the Commission by the Coordinator.

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