Actors, Systems, Processes, and Policies in Disaster Management across European Countries

CARISMAND Work Package 2 “Actors, Systems, Processes, Policies in Disaster Management” is focused on identification of categories of actors and different processes in disaster management, as well as the national/regional policies for different types of disasters at the three stages of disaster management (preparedness, response, and recovery).

During the first six months of the project, the University of Florence Team (leading WP2) developed a disaster classification of the different natural and man-made disasters. Based on this framework, their further research involved a survey compiled by CARSISMAND partners which aimed to provide information on the similarities and differences in actors, systems, processes and policies in disaster management across European countries, with a special focus on cultural aspects which are considered to play an important role in all disaster phases.

A questionnaire was designed to provide a detailed overview of the subject in focus and to allow comparison between different European contexts on each typology of disaster. The questionnaire also collected information regarding any ‘unofficial’ procedures, especially those addressed to cultural aspects, which are nevertheless put in place in case of natural and man-made disasters. Furthermore, the survey results enabled the implementation of gap analysis and strengths evaluation in each context.

Find more information on the research results within Work Package 2 ‘Actors, Systems, Processes, Policies in Disaster Management’ on CARISMAND Deliverables section where public summaries of the project deliverables are published regularly.

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