CARISMAND Newsletter No. 7 is Out

Each quarter we are issuing a newsletter summarizing our activities into the most important news pieces during the respective last months of our work.

Latest issue covers Jan-March 2018 period highlighting on our advancement on the CARISMAND Toolkit development and the process of its validation during the last round of the project’s third cycle of events.

The Third Stakeholder Assembly already took place in Lisbon, Portugal, on 27 and 28 February 2018, and gathered disaster management and crisis response practitioners within different Portuguese organisations: national and municipal governance, civil protection/search and rescue operations, firefighting and police departments, research institutes and universities, national associations, and SMEs. In several group sessions spread with the two days and divided into six focus groups, the conference delegates shared their practical experience of the cultural aspects in disaster management and their thoughts on the issues presented and further discussed by CARISMAND:

  • what culture is and what is its role in disaster management;
  • architecture and functionalities of the two CARISMAND solutions – Toolkit and Cultural Map;
  • approaches to ethnicity in disaster management (based on a toolkit recommendation);
  • culturally aware disaster-related training activities (based on a toolkit recommendation);
  • use and effectiveness of mobile phone apps (based on a toolkit recommendation);
  • the effect of cultural factors on disaster communications (based on a toolkit recommendation);
  • the issue of building trust (based on a toolkit recommendation).

The last round of CARISMAND Citizen Summits is also a few days ahead. On 14 April 2018 residents from Lisbon will gather at CARISMAND Fifth Citizen Summit to discuss how citizens can improve their own and their family’s and friends’ disaster preparedness by developing a personal “culture of preparedness”, and how citizens, in general, can get engaged and take part in disaster preparedness and response activities. These topics will be then brought to Utrecht for a Sixth Citizen Summit on 12 May 2018 where the event will be held in the same format. The Citizen Summits are structured in such a way that encourages participants to take an active part by having both interactive presentations and small group discussions. At this stage of the project, participants’ feedback is essential for further validation and development of toolkit recommendations towards finalizing the CARISMAND products - Toolkit and Cultural Map.

The newsletter also presents information on the presentation of CARISMAND project and some of its findings in two events: UIC Workshop on Crisis Communication and Social Media, Feb 2018, France and SICUR 2018, Spain; as well as information on the most recent CARISMAND-related publications.

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