CARISMAND Presented by Laure Fallou (EMSC) to the French Institute for History and Memory of Disasters

In search for better ways to build resilience and improve disaster response, the disaster community increasingly relies on projects which offer psychological and cultural perspectives. Such project is led by the French Institute for History and Memory of Disasters(IHMEC) - ‘Mémoires des catastrophes: La mémoire de chacun au service de la résilience de tous’ (Memories of Disasters: The Memory of Everyone in Service of Resilience for All).

The initiative aims to enable those who have experienced disasters to contribute to their community preparedness, instead of staying silent and fighting their memories. The exchange of experience between people who have been through similar crisis is believed to drive better understanding of the risks associated with the region and stronger resilience.

Therefore the Institute for History and Memory of Disasters expressed interest in project CARISMAND.

Our colleague, Laure Fallou, research officer at the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) in France was invited for an interview which was published on 13 February 2017. She presented the aim of CARISMAND and the project development, as well as the expected outcomes and social impact. Laure described also the main stakeholders addressed in the project and gave examples how culture influences resilience.

Find the full interview published here.

Visit the ‘Memories of Disasters’ project website for more information and updates on their research:


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