Check Out CARISMAND Resources Section

Throughout the implementation of CARISMAND project we have been investigating on relevant information: publications, reports, infographics and more published by different research bodies, associations, agencies, and other organisations involved in disaster management and related fields.

Check out our Resource section where you could find insights on the key topics of interest for CARISMAND: actors, systems, processes and policies in disaster management, cultural factors, risk perception and risk cultures, citizens’ rights, citizens’ empowerment, and risk communication. The resources refer to natural as well as man-made disasters and cover the three main stages of disaster management: preparedness, emergency, and recovery.

In no way could we cover fully the vast knowledge available on these issues. Our effort is to provide as much assistance as possible to all interested professionals and people with general interest in the topics related to culturally informed disaster management.

Your contribution is much welcome!

If you would like to share an interesting piece of research on a relevant topic, you could always contact the team of CARISMAND project and send us a link to the chosen resource, with a few words describing its leading theme and relevance to CARISMAND. We will be happy to hear from you at:

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