Citizen Summits' Results from Germany and Italy are Now Available

The University of Malta, through its departments of cognitive sciences and information policy, is undertaking comprehensive tasks on the design of Citizen Summits, the collation and analysis of citizens’ attitudes, and the analysis of stakeholder discussions under Work Package 5, ‘Design of Citizen Summits, Collation & Analysis of Citizens Attitudes towards Disaster risks, Analysis of Stakeholder Discussions’.

Each public event results in a detailed analysis of the citizens’ reactions and opinions, using a multi-disciplinary approach which applies both quantitative as well as qualitative methodologies; as well as an in-depth analysis of the recorded Stakeholder Assembly discussions, using a qualitative approach, in particular discourse analysis and grounded theory.

The second CARISMAND cycle of events included:

  • Second Stakeholder Assembly, 27-28 February 2017, Rome, Italy;
  • Third Citizen Summit, 17 June 2017, Rome, Italy;
  • Fourth Citizen Summit, 24 June 2017, Frankfurt, Germany.

The events' findings could be found in the Deliverables Section of the CARISMAND Website.

The individual topics raised will be compared and synthesised with the results from the other Citizen Summit of the same cycle, and also complement the synthesised results from the first Citizen Summit in Romania and the second Citizen Summit held in Malta. These synthesised results will shape the final round of Stakeholder Assembly and Citizen Summits in 2018.

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