Synthesis of CARISMAND Results - New Updates

CARISMAND research results are being synthesised over the project’s life-time in order to create an active feedback-loop between disaster management stakeholders and citizens and facilitate the establishing, testing and refining of solutions for culturally informed best practices in disaster management. This task is undertaken by the team of Law and Internet Foundation (LIF), Bulgaria within Work Package 11

They have been developing and updating a Matrix Report on the Synthesised Results of Work Package 2 (“Actors, Systems, Processes, Policies in Disaster Management”), Work Package 3 (“Cultural Factors and Technologies”), Work Package 4 (“Risk Perception and Risk Cultures”), Work Package 6 (“Citizens Rights”), Work Package 7 (“Citizens Empowerment”), Work Package 8 (“Risk Communication and the Role of the Media in Risk Communication”), and the CARISMAND public events (three Stakeholder Assemblies and six Citizen Summits). A fourth matrix update has been delivered in November 2017 and the team is currently working on a fifth one in line with the current Toolkit development stage. 

WP 11 Team is also engaged in the preparation of Briefs for Citizen Summits and Stakeholder Assemblies. They have provided an updates for the upcoming Third Stakeholder Assembly (27-28 February 2018) and are currently working on the briefs for Fifth and Sixth Citizen Summits to take place in April-May 2018.

Each Stakeholder Assembly brief contains a summary of CARISMAND project’s development up to the current point and the relevant stages to the respective Stakeholder Assembly, based on partners’ feedback and submitted deliverables. Then the significant findings from previous events are also emphasized. Thus, the brief gives the overall outline of the discussions for the following event noting the main issues identified at this current stage of the project. 

Find more project results shared by the WP 11 Team in the summaries of their Work Package deliverables, which are published on CARISMAND website.

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