Upcoming CARISMAND Third Stakeholder Assembly!

CARISMAND (Culture And RISk management in Man-made And Natural Disasters) seeks to increase understanding of how disaster risk communication is affected by cultural aspects embedded in different national, economic and social environments, based on different institutional and societal relations, risk discourse styles and organisational cultures. To explore these and other factors, the project organises events across Europe to enable experienced disaster managers and practitioners from a broad range of backgrounds to discuss their perspectives and experiences.

The ultimate CARISMAND objective is to develop a formal Toolkit for disaster management stakeholders that can be used by disaster managers in their everyday practice as well as by interested citizens for awareness, information and empowerment purposes. It is supported by an intuitive knowledge base available online and adaptable to the individual or institutional needs of formal and informal disaster managers and interested citizens in their daily lives. This objective will be achieved by comprising a Cultural Map, as well as a formal set of recommendations towards implementation and/or improvement of policies, guidelines, educational measures, and further knowledge transfer activities.

The main purpose of the Third Stakeholder Assembly is present and discuss this CARISMAND Toolkit by getting together disaster managers, policy makers, community leaders alongside operation officers and practitioners in the field of disaster management to discuss different topics and issues raised concerning the cultural factors that may shape and influence citizens’ risk perceptions, emotions and risk behaviour in the context of man-made, natural and technical disasters, identification of best-practice examples and establishment and testing of solutions for culturally-informed best practices in the field.

The event will take place on 27-28 February 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. More information about the event can be found here.

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