Special Telecommunications Service (STS), Romania


The Special Telecommunications Service is the central specialized structure, with legal status, which organizes and coordinates the activities in the special telecommunications field for the Romanian public authorities and other users as provided for by the law. The institution has a military organization and is part of the national defence system.

The special telecommunications comprise transmissions, emissions or receptions of signs, signals, writings, images, sounds or information of any kind, transmitted through wire, radio, optic system or other electromagnetic systems for the users approved by law.

The institution provides special telecommunications services for the following Romanian public authorities:

  • The Romanian Parliament
  • The Presidential Administration
  • The Romanian Government
  • The institutions carrying out activities in the national defence, national security and law enforcement field
  • The central and local public administration
  • The Judicial Authority:
  • The High Court of Cassation and Justice
  • The Public Ministry
  • The Supreme Court of Magistracy
  • The Romanian Court of Accounts
  • The Constitutional Court

The leading structures within the governmental and national-interest non-governmental bodies

A high level of protection and confidentiality characterizes the special telecommunications. The activity of the Special Telecommunications Service is organized and coordinated by the Supreme Council of National Defence and is placed under the control of the Romanian Parliament, through the Defence, Law Enforcement and National Security Commissions in the two Chambers of Parliament.

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